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 Here are a few actual "testimonials" from patients throughout the world:

• My problems began quite unexpectedly. I bent down one day but couldn't stand up straight again. At 57, I'm very active. I play a lot of tennis and my job as a mechanic at McDonnell-Douglas requires me to bend and twist in some awkward positions, especially when I have to squeeze through the small openings in some of the jets I work on.

• Five days after the problem began, I was still suffering agonizing low back pain. I wasn't able to do anything.

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There is a wide variation of techniques used by different chiropractors. Chiropractors focus on dysfunctions that can result from irregularities spinal structure or movement. They rely heavily on hands-on procedures to determine structural and functional problems, and they use manipulation to promote normal bodily function correcting or preventing these structural deviations. The principal procedure used by many chiropractors is a form of manipulation known as adjustment that refers to a variety of manual mechanical interventions. There are about 55 adjustments in a chiropractor's repertoire. Some of them are:

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The U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R.5658, a bill authorizing defense programs for fiscal year 2009. Approved by the full House on May 22, 2008, following passage by the House Armed Services Committee on May 14, Section 704 of the bill makes clear that chiropractic care is a standard benefit for all active-duty military personnel and directs the Secretary of Defense to make such care available. H.R.5658 also contains language allowing for chiropractic demonstration projects at overseas military locations and clarifies that chiropractic care at U.S. military facilities is to be performed only by a doctor of chiropractic.

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The Senate introduced two bills in an attempt to preserve the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, which has been threatened with cuts every year since 2003; however, as of press time, both pieces of legislation appear to be dead in the water.

The first bill, S.3101 (the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act of 2008), introduced by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mich.) on June 6, 2008, would have "amend[ed] titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act to extend expiring provisions under the Medicare program, to improve beneficiary access to preventive and mental health services, to enhance low-income benefit programs, and to maintain access to care in rural areas, including pharmacy access, and for other purposes."

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study released by the British, “Medical Research Council” (MRC) showed that Chiropractic and exercise was effective for patients suffering from lower back pain. The British study used the term “spinal manipulation”, (more correctly termed “adjustments”), which they noted is the primary form of care performed by Doctors of Chiropractic.

The study, published in the November 19, 2004 edition of the British Medical Journal, stated that when combined with an exercise program, these two offer an effective treatment for those suffering from back pain.

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